We have a track record of producing innovative, entertaining and unique gameplay experiences. Such projects have brought us to the UK Finals of the Microsoft Imagine Cup and published on emerging platforms such as AirConsole.
Join the ultimate pool party with your friends and bounce your way to victory! Be the last slacker standing as you bounce your friends out of the pool with your rubber ring. Play with up to 7 friends using your smartphones.
  1. Play with up to 8 friends
    Connect via the AirConsole app or by using your smartphone's browser. Supports both iOS and Android.
  2. No Games Console Required
    Play directly from you browser or smart TV at AirConsole.com. Dive in!
  3. Choose from 8 unique characters
    Choose your favourite character and compete to be the best!
Step into the arena as you take on DisruptAR's survival challenge. Fend off waves of enemies as you battle to end the onslaught of a violent futuristic game show. Fight to survive in virtual reality and enlist a friend to help remotely from a Microsoft Hololens headset.
  1. AR & VR
    Play on the HTC Vive & Microsoft HoloLens in one of the first games in history to combine both devices.
  2. Co-op Gameplay
    Work with a friend as you both put on a headset and step into the game.
  3. 80s Graphics
    Return to the nostalgia filled 80s as you fight for survival in a retro-style arena.